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- Allergy Friendly Chocolate & Tea -

Sara May's Gourmet

SARA MAY'S GOURMET takes you on a culinary exploration through extraordinary herbs and chocolate. With a passion for food, SARA MAY'S GOURMET has a flair for igniting the senses using simple, fresh ingredients with a twist.

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The Faces of Sara May's Gourmet



Mary and Rich began their journey into chocolate in the summer of 2019. After a long period of unemployment for Rich, he and Mary needed a project which would move them forward. Rich's experience in market research and Mary's experience in the allergy-free food world helped them recognize a hole in the market: mature flavors for allergy-free chocolate!

They began their journey by taking a course with Ecole Chocolat, an award-winning chocolate school. Their vision was unique and the instructors worked with them to modify recipes, ensuring success.

They named the business after their youngest daughter, Sara May. Involving family is important to both Mary and Rich. Sara helps with flavor creation, sample distribution, and food styling.

Sara May's Gourmet was only 6 months old when they were voted Top 20 to Look For In 2020 by Gluten-Free Living.

When Covid hit, they tried to pivot and decided instead to close for a short while to move, restructure and reopen in the late fall of 2020.

Mary is the face, brand, and mastermind behind Sara May's Gourmet. She creates copy, does sales calls, creates new recipes, makes chocolates, coaches other small businesses on how to launch and even homeschools Sara. 

Although Rich returned to the corporate world in January 2020, he can still be found helping Mary create chocolate after hours, allowing them to build the business and their family one piece of chocolate at a time.


Virtual Tastings & Events


Fruity Chocolate Tasting

Thursday, March 11th



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“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

Allergy Friendly Meets Delicious

The Great AF Chocolate

On Valentine's Day 2018, Mary broke down in tears. What was the point of a holiday where it focused on chocolate but yet it was so difficult to find anything without cross-contamination?!


The best Rich could find was an Enjoy Life bar. 

That began their journey to discover what chocolate possibilities could be created. Little did they know, that one night would change the course of their life a mere year later!

Mary went to get her master certificate in herbal medicine. She loves to create teas which help the body, mind and soul. While coming up with the concept for Sara May's Gourmet, they decided to marry the two together: herbal tea ON the chocolate!

This combination creates a beautiful product that often boasts potential health benefits as well. Health + taste. The perfect marriage.

Renee Healey

"These are great chocolates and allergy free !! Taste fantastic!!! Healthier and good taste my tummy thanks you."

Matthew McCoy

I work at Best Buy and Black Friday is CRAZY there. The Peace Blend had me totally chilled and not anxious or upset at all. Totally changed my life!

Regina Shula

"I know, 💯 % you take no shortcut and everyone, including those with severe allergies, are safe with your products. Mary eats, breathes and lives allergy-safety."

Carie Dinehart

Mary and her crew at Sara May's Gourmet went above and beyond for me and my dairy free son! Their products are delicious and speak for themselves, but let me tell you a little bit about the people behind the chocolate. They are kind. They are passionate. They are diligent about bringing safe chocolate to the food allergy community. The Espresso Bar is my favorite, but we loved everything we have tried! We will be ordering again!


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