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Sara May's Gourmet, LLC has moved to Indian Trail, NC June 20201

right outside the border of Charlotte, NC. 

Sara May's began as a gourmet chocolate business and grew into Mary's true love as an herbalist and aromatherapist. She has begun to study Ayurveda Medicine to add to her library of knowledge.

They named the business after their youngest daughter, Sara May. Involving family is important to both Mary and Rich. Sara helps with flavor creation, sample distribution, and food styling.

Sara May's Gourmet was only 6 months old when they were voted Top 20 to Look For In 2020 by Gluten-Free Living.

When Covid hit, they tried to pivot and decided instead to close for a short while to move, restructure and reopen in the late fall of 2020.

Mary is the face, brand, and mastermind behind Sara May's. She creates copy, does sales calls, creates new recipes, makes chocolates, and coaches other women on how to live a more authentic, fulfilled life.

Although Rich returned to the corporate world in January 2020, he can still be found helping Mary with the consumer insight numbers after hours, allowing them to build the business and their family one piece of chocolate at a time.

Cheesecake with Figs
Chocolate Drink