Pieces of Chocolate


As severe food allergy suffers ourselves (we are down to 28 safe foods), we completely understand your concern about where our products are sourced. 

I totally get it. We don't even eat out we are so scared!

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How We Source Our Products

Our chocolate is sourced from a top-14 allergy free facility. They are inspected, licensed and insured. Their chocolate is also kosher and parve. 

All our herbs are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs and our fruits from Harmony House. 

I check with EACH producer on EACH product to ensure it was not run on a line or in a facility with any of the top 14 allergens. You will see we never feature anything with hibiscus as that is often run on a line with nuts!

Our wine is sourced from Costco and is the Kirkland brand. It is not aged with any allergens.

Our sugar is all organic and vegan, ensuring no bleach or cross-contamination.

Our gelatin is Knox and said product has no FDA allergens.

Our agar agar n the vegan marshmallows has no cross with fish or shellfish. It is sourced from Fitlane and is non-gmo.

We use Vor aquafaba for the vegan marshmallows and again no FDA cross-contamination statements.

If you are EVER nervous about our product, we encourage you to call Mary at 704-488-1304 or text her.

We are NOT in this business because it is trending. We are here because we LIVE this life alongside you. :)