Private or White Label with SMG

2020 has been quite a year. Covid has changed how we all do business.

One of the ways that Sara May's Gourmet was able to pivot was to enter into the Private Label arena.

We partner with companies who are interested in a unique offering and use their product to create a one of a kind experience for their customers.

Here is an example of the Queen Hemp Company. We use their CBD crude to create 5 different flavors of bars for them: espresso, sea salt, raspberry, peace and orange spice.

Another example is the Spice and Tea Exchange. We are using our business name to feature their tea blends exclusively for one privately owned franchise in North Carolina.

We have done White and Private Label for vineyards using their speciality wines, coffeeshops using their unique blend of espresso, elderberry companies using their elderberry syrup featured in truffles and even hot chocolate dippers.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in breaking into the two fastest demographics: vegan and allergy-friendly, contact us and allow us to work with you to open your offerings to a new clientele.

Email Mary at or use our Contact Us form.

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