These are trying times, and with all the stress happening in the world- especially with our First Responders, here at Sara May's Gourmet we think it is important to give back. 

With our handcrafted 70% dark chocolate bars, you'll be gifting a truly special treat. Not only will your chocolate bars be allergy-friendly; but are made with the stressers of First Responders in mind. 

With this bundle, you will recive one bar of Peace chocolate, one bar of Espresso chocolate, and one bar of Moon Ease chocolate. 

Ontop of all the sweetness of the chocolate are the herbs- the creme de la creme of what make our chocolates great. 

Along with the chocolate bars, you will be recieving one ounce of Peace Tea, one ounce of Espresso coffee, and one ounce of Moon Ease Tea. 

So after a long day of being a First Responder and being on that line of duty, you can indulge in something that you can trust will back you up on your daily life.

1st Responders Gift Set

$45.00 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • -Made in a licensed allergy-free facility

    -Hand Crafted


    -Gluten Free

    -All Organic

    -Fair Trade

    -Dairy Free

    -Soy Free

    -Nut Free


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