Being a new mom is hard! It is overwhelming to say the least. Your hormones are flying, you are surviving on very little sleep because the baby has their day/night mixed up. You still have all the other responsiblities of life and now a new baby!


Help a new mom better balance it all with our New Mom Survival Kit. Some Espresso chocolate for energy, some Peace bites and tea to reduce anxiety, some Nursing Tea to help bring in their milk and reduce anxiety and finally a Moon Ease bar to help regulate her hormones.


Being a new mom is exciting and exhausting. Help her walk into motherhood with grace, love, chocolate and tea.

New Mom Survival Kit

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$29.99Sale Price
  • -Made in a licensed allergy-free facility

    -Hand Crafted


    -Gluten Free

    -All Organic

    -Fair Trade

    -Dairy Free

    -Soy Free

    -Nut Free


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