Do you remember being a teenager?!!! OMG! The mood swings! The friend drama. The feeling like your skin just doesn't fit right and everyone breathing is somehow against the force of nature and against you.


Yes, we get it. We remember. We are currently in year 14 of ongoing teen hormonal drama, with another 5 to go. WHAT were we thinking?! Oh yes, THAT is the inspriation behind our Teen PMS Survivial Kit. Now, this isn't for Mom, this is for the teen so they feel better.


Moon Ease chocolate helps with PMS moodiness. Espresso chocolate helps with the exhaustion that occurs when the moon cycle arrives. Peace Bites help ease anxiety. Sea Salt chocolate helps curb those salt cravings. Raspberry chocolate is the perfect blend between sweet and tart-which is exactly how they are feeling.


No worries, this Survival Kit will have your teens days going much more smoothly. Trust us, it is how we survive!!! :) 

Teen PMS Survival Kit

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  • -Made in a licensed allergy-free facility

    -Hand Crafted


    -Gluten Free

    -All Organic

    -Fair Trade

    -Dairy Free

    -Soy Free

    -Nut Free


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